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Rubin's out in the field with his primary rifle. He's always trying to master his marksmanship and spends a significant amount of time in the field to keep his practice up.


The rifle presented here is a Swiss M1889 Repetiergewehr (Repeating Rifle) also known in US collector circles as the "Schmidt-Rubin". The nickname comes from its two designers: Rudolf Schmidt who designed the rifle action, and Eduard Rubin who designed the cartridge ammunition (he would further be the inspiration for this character's name). The model for the weapon is mechanically complete and has all its internals modeled.


Compared to other bolt-actions, it's one of a few designs to have a straight-pull aciton. In other words, the bolt can be pulled straight back to unlock the action while other more typical weapons require the bolt to be turned open manually to unlock the action. It's quite astonishing that such a complicated mechanism was chosen for mass-production, but that was a tendency for Swiss manufacturing.


"You realize you have a large hole in the side of your weapon?"

Made in Blender, rendered with the Blender Cycles Render Engine.

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