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Hello there!

Welcome to my art page! Here, I describe some of my finished works in detail (at least if they need it).

You may also find me on select social media (of which there is only one at the moment):

  • Minds: @zoraxe


Designs primarily made and rendered in Blender. Weapon models made in CAD before importing

S&A Couple
Starlowe Poster
Rien Poster
Altaira Poster
Therrin Blueprint
Kar31 Overview
Rubin Rifle Aim
Bevel Gears Spin Example
Bevel Gears Code Example
Rien Ear FlopRien Ear Flop Ex
Nevir Bird
Nevir Rig Demo 1
Kolaris Library
Marjorie He TP
Marjorie He TP

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