Wizard Kolaris


Presentation Image

Kolaris made up as a wizard. This came about as a joke, but it's become quite fitting for her. All she needed aside from her usual outfit was a wand and wizard's hat.


For this other iteration, I had been experimenting recently with a new rendering style that produces a more 2D look. This specifically is an NPR (Non-PhotoRealistic) style that's meant more to mimic a drawn look rather than rendered. You can see a similar style present on the home page character greetings too. Since this utilizes the Eevee engine instead of Cycles, the results are a lot faster, and I foresee this style being applied to other projects where the photorealistic style may not fit.

Made in Blender. First image rendered with the Blender Cycles Render Engine, and the second was made with the Eevee Engine.

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